Rental RVs

Rental RVs are available to rent for three days to two weeks.

Based on availability you can choose from the following vehicles to rent:

Majestic Motorhome                              Vision Travel Trailer                             Evolution Travel Trailer

Majestic Motohome

 This is a Class C, 24' Motor Home that Sleeps 6 and is fully self contained. It is powered by a gasoline engine and gets an average of 10 mpg. It has a 10-gallon water heater. Rental is $180 per day which includes 500 miles of travel. Additional miles are charged at .34 cents per mile.

Vision Travel Trailer

 This bumper pull trailer sleeps 6, has a 40 gallon water tank and a 6 gallon water heater tank. It weighs 5200 pounds and holds 960 pounds of cargo. Rental is $100 per day with a 3 day minimum.

Evolution Travel Trailer

This bumper pull trailer sleeps 4, has a 35 gallon water tank and a 6 gallon water heater tank. It weighs 4480 pounds and holds 1520 pounds of cargo. Rental is $100 per day with a 3 day minimum.


Note: All rentals for in state require a $300 deposit plus the rental fee prior to departure. Out of state rentals require a $500 deposit plus rental fee. The deposit covers the following fees, which are charged upon the return of the vehicle:
 Insurance fee- If your automobile insurance does not cover the vehicle we provide the insurance for $99.00.
 Prep fee - $45.00
 Cleaning fee - Dependent on the condition of the vehicle.
 Dump fee - $25.00 (waived if the tanks were dumped and flushed prior to the return)
 Propane fee - dependent on the amount of propane used.
 Delivery fee - We will deliver, set up and retrieve the vehicle for you. the fee is dependent upon the location of the delivery.
 Damage fee - the renter is responsible for all damages to the vehicle, including any deductible for damages covered by insurance.

Also available for rent with your rental vehicle:

 Generator - A 3600 watt generator is available for rent for $8 per hour of operation. If you are dry camping you need a generator to operate the aid conditioner and microwave.
Bedding Pack for 2 - Includes queen sheets (flat and fitted), 1 queen blanket, 2 pillows and 2 pillow cases. $30.00
Dish Pack for 4 - Includes set of 4 large plates, small plates, bowls and cups. Peculator coffee pot and pots and pans. $40.00
  Bath Pack for 2 - Includes 2 each towels, hand towels and wash cloths. $25.00
Outdoor Pack - Includes 4 chairs, outdoor mat, 4 marshmallow skewers and playing cards. $25.00
BBQ Pack - Includes BBQ Grill (which you keep), Charcoal, lighter, lighter fluid and BBQ utensils. $60.00
Fun Pack - Includes playing cards, Frisbee, assorted balls, play set and games. $40.00